The Best Coffee Shops In Georgetown, TX

Every city of any size tends to have a few coffee shops that people absolutely adore. Georgetown, TX is no exception. Being in the middle of a population boom certainly brings flocks of people that are over-worked and in desperate need of caffeine!

The following coffee shops are heroes in their own right, serving as an essential driving force for society. (Drama much?) These businesses are all awesome so please check them out if this is your first time hearing about them.

309 Coffee

The name of this coffee shop will forever make you remember one thing, their address. Located at 309 Main St in the heart of Georgetown puts it within a few blocks of some really cool shops and antique stores. You’ll also be close to the historic county courthouse.

Don’t let the proximity to the law scare you away from a cup of joe that’s so good that it probably should be illegal. In addition to coffee, 309 offers an assortment of espresso and tea. Now if you are really nice, you can try their house wine or a variety of craft beer. Just don’t try them all at the same time!

  • 309 Main St, Georgetown

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Red Poppy Coffee Co

Red Poppy Coffee Co is unique in that it is located inside of the Georgetown public library! What better combination is it for coffee lovers and book worms, especially since you can get a bite to eat as well.

Picture it (no, not Sicily in 1922…), you’ve found a book you love. You’re enthralled in the plot and suddenly you’ve realized that you haven’t had anything to eat or drink in hours. In a moment of extreme will power, you turn your head away from the book only to notice a mysterious light in the distance…

Only it isn’t distant, being only steps away, and the mystery is only surrounding the choice of getting either a panini or avocado toast with your “lyrical latte.” First world problems…

Red Poppy is going to rest in a special place in your heart so be sure to check them out.

  • 402 W 8th St, Georgetown, TX 78626

Lamppost Coffee

Lamppost Coffee, you may think is as literal in their nomenclature as 309 Coffee. Turns out there are neither lamps nor posts directly involved in the creation of this Georgetown favorite.

However, there is a dedicated team of baristas with a penchant for latte art, ready to help you indulge in your daily caffeine habit (I’m not judging). From cappuccinos to Americanos to lemonade and strawberry smoothies, there is bound to be something that quenches your thirst.

There are three Lamppost locations throughout the Austin area, one in Round Rock and another in Downtown Austin. Be sure to check them out and see how good they are for yourself. Just don’t expect to be able to purchase any lighting while you are there.

  • 809 S. Main St., Georgetown, Tx

Just Love Coffee Cafe

Just Love Coffee Cafe is aptly named in that you will just feel the love when you walk through the door. Located in the Wolf Ranch shopping center, you have many options if you want to grab a cup and head out shopping or want to sit down and get some work done in their brightly lit cafe.

They have all of your coffee standards like espressos and nitro cold brews so let that draw you in. When you see the menu, though, you will be compelled to order the White Chocolate Tiramisu latte. That is not a typo! My wallet wishes that it was…

If that weren’t enough, they also serve a wide variety of sandwiches and finger foods. There’s even a few things for the kids like chicken tenders and quesadillas. Oh, one more thing. There may be waffles of unusual size lurking behind the counter so be on the lookout…

  • 1013 W University Ave, Suite 195, Georgetown, TX, 78628


A list of coffee shops is not complete without the ubiquitous Starbucks attached. Now, If you like coffee and haven’t been there then I have only one question. What planet are you from? Ha! I kid, of course.

There are 16 kajillion 5 of them just in the Georgetown area so there will be one close to you. On top of that, because they are a megacorp, they have all the things; an app, curbside pickup, delivery, and a unicorn petting zoo multiple food options.

What’s Your Favorite?

Now, there are many more businesses that serve coffee but I wanted to stick as close to those places where coffee was one of the top things offered. However, I’m sure I missed your favorite spot. If so, shout them out in the comments below!

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